AM Designs

Handpainted with imagination

Ann Marie Rausch

I create vividly colorful handpainted furniture. I am a planner. I plan each piece out from drawing them to scale, to what color will go where, which all shouts back to my architectural background. I choose wood furniture to be my “canvas” for its unique statement, functionality and for just the funess of it. At any time it could be the furniture, a pattern, a color combo or a design that will light my fire or be my inspiration for creating a piece of art work. My favorite saying is “If 10 colors will work, a 100 will work better (Freddie Moran)”. 


-Juried member of The Best of Missouri Hands.  



Selected Exhibitions, Awards and Collections:

2016 - Theme Award for "Palette to Palate" at Waverly House

2016  - "Two Colorful Women" Show at Elliot Robinson CPA 

2014 - "Local Identity Show" at Waverly House 

2012 - "Objects of Desire" Show at the Creamery 

2011- Celebrating Creativity Show at Williams Woods University

   Artsfest on Walnut Street

2010 - 3D Award of Excellence at Art in the Park, Springfield, MO

2009 - Two woman show at The Creamery, Springfield, MO

           Juror's Choice  at the "Common Things" Show at 

     Waverly House Gallery,  Springfield, MO 



Fresh Art Gallery   400 W. Walnut   Springfield, MO

Bluestem Missouri Crafts Columbia, Mo 

Artisans in the Loop  St. Louis, Mo 






Please contact me for pricing and or commissions. 

copyright 2010 Ann Marie Rausch all rights reserved